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Family Dance Time

Family fit time is so much more than setting aside time to play together. It is teaching a child the importance of physical activity, teaching a child the importance of intentionally making time to exercise, and instilling healthy habits for a healthier future.

Studies suggest that children supported by friends and family to become active are more likely to be consistently physically active. Additionally, children who feel they are competent and have the skills to be physically active are more likely to engage in physically exerting activities.

Families who regularly play together have an increased likelihood of open communication with their children. Creating a physically active bond transitions into improved mental and emotional bonds between parents and children.

Just like eating together at the dinner table promotes healthy communication, setting aside time to play (exercise) together has a similar effect. Some of the positive outcomes include decreased risky behavior such as substance abuse and sexual activity as well as increased academic performance.

Another positive outcome of family fit time is the parent’s ability to instill healthy behaviors in a child’s life…while having FUN!
Your Challenge
Set aside at least 30-minutes each weekend for Family Dance Time! Be wild, be crazy, and have fun!