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Child Life Support Groups


Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts is a bereavement program to provide support and resources for families who have experienced loss through the death of a family member or close friend. 
Kids Support Group (ages 6-12)
Kids participate in group activities covering topics such as feelings, family, school, memories, holidays, rituals, funerals, laughter, fears and worries.
Teen Support Group (ages 13-18)
Teens participate in group discussions and activities covering topics such as anger, fears, worries, peer support, school issues, family issues, memories, dreams and nightmares and laughter.
Parent/Caregiver Support Group
For parents and caregivers of children and teens participating in the Healing Hearts Support Groups. Parents and caregivers discuss topics that are similar to those discussed in the Kids and Teen Support Groups.

This support group encourages parents/caregivers to work through their own grief in order to better help their children/teen.

A Healing Hearts Resource Library is available for bereaved families in Springfield and surrounding areas.

To learn more, call the Healing Hearts bereavement line at (217) 544-6464, ext. 44625.