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Things we fund

Music Therapy
More than 500 patients and their families enjoy music therapy each year at HSHS St. John’s Children's Hospital. Music therapy uses music to provide distraction and help children relax in the hospital.
Child Life Program
Child blowing bubbles before surgery

Child life specialists use education and preparation to help children feel less anxious and better understand why they are in the hospital. Our five child life specialists work with infants, children, teens, their families and their team of caregivers to provide non-threatening, age-appropriate explanations and preparations. See the difference they  make in the lives of children here.
Aquatic Therapy
Pediatric rehabilitation therapists help meet the needs of children with a variety of neuromuscular and sensory diagnoses through aquatic therapy.  Water-based therapy programs are similar to land-based therapy but take advantage of the special properties water provides.  Learn more about our pediatric aquatic therapy program. 
Hospital Bingo 
Playing bingo in the pediatric playroom

Each week children at St. John’s Children’s Hospital are invited to participate to play hospital bingo in the pediatric playroom. It’s a great chance for them to get out of their rooms, improve the healing process and just let kids be kids. Check out one of our bingo games

Other things we fund
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Kangaroo chairs
Giraffe isolette beds
Swaddle sleep stack 

Pediatrics/Pedi ICU
Playrooms toys
Pet therapy
Bingo/treasure chest prizes
End of chemo/theme parties
washer/dryer (waiting room)
Healing garden
Sleep sofas/day beds
Free meal program
Tutoring center
Pediatric room renovations

Pediatric Rehab
Pediatric rehab therapy items
Positioning equipment 

Emergency Department/Surgery
Bubble parade
Treasure chest prizes 
Dolls to explain surgery
C-MAC blades 
Shadow buddies
Bubble tube 

Art from the Heart
Birthing room rockers
I-Stat analyzers 
Flight suits
Hi-Lo table
Arctic Sun 
Parent Help Line
Premature Anne mannequin
K-Kart Project